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Looking Ahead: Ripple launches training for Web Designing

The first edition of Ripple's Continuing Education Program (RCEP) launched its third training on The Basics of Web Designing last August 6, 2021, led by one of Ripple's pioneering experts on Website Design and Management— Faith Rubin.

Faith Rubin, the event's speaker and trainer, has been Ripple's virtual assistant for two years. She shared her knowledge with the VA trainees, particularly Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.

The educational event was hosted by the Assistant Head of Ripple's Content and Marketing department, Gab Fontanosa, and kicked off by Ripple's Chief Executive Officer, Jezrel Perez.

Faith Rubin started with the introduction of web designing. She emphasized how vital well-designed web pages can be to any client. This helps them nurture leads and improve conversion rates; because the user-friendly design makes it easier for visitors to access and navigate sites from a mobile or web browser.

Moreover, Rubin highlighted the steps in web designing and the crucial elements that VA trainees should keep in mind before and during the editing process. Some of the key points included knowing the goal, target audience, preferences, and used mediums of the clients.

Notably, she also imparted some helpful points to remember, which involved keeping the websites looking good, making them customizable and easy to use, enhancing the tone and style of the page, and many more.

Finally, she gave the audience a firsthand experience of web design by demonstrating it to them from beginning to end.

All the trainees who took part in the session found it an exciting and informative experience, as they actively asked questions and learned from one of Ripple's experts.

CEO Perez expressed her gratitude to everyone who took part in such a significant opportunity to learn practical steps that VAs can execute and apply in their day-to-day jobs, rather than just in theory.

The program shall continue providing educational training to all the company's virtual assistants— equipping them with the knowledge and skills they'll need to become globally competent individuals.

After all, the positive feedback from both sides of the clients and VAs have driven this program to persist with flying colours!

So if you're interested, click here for more information on Ripple's virtual assistants, services, and upcoming events.


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