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Fear? Not If You Learn the Basics of Video Editing the Right Way!

It's easy to get intimidated by the notorious video editing methods, especially if you're a beginner or have been tasked with creating and editing videos anchored for a business brand. After all, you'd expect nothing less than shoddy results.

We get it – it can be pretty frightening, but should you really be anxious?

After all, apart from self-learning, education that comes from the experts can be used to dispel fear and ignorance. So you can kiss your nerves goodbye if you find the right people to teach you the be-all-and-end-all of Video Editing.

That is why Ripple's Continuing Education Program (RCEP) has stayed true to its visions and missions as Ripple set the wheels in motion once again on its training session last August 20, 2020, this time, zeroing on the Basics of Video Editing.

Headed by one of Ripple's virtual assistants— Vhon Chrisnan Ganuza imparted his knowledge and expertise in the said field.

He kicked off the training by introducing the different terms and jargon of editing like animations, compositions, keyframes, etc.

Ganuza masterfully shared his experiences on different video editing apps with the trainees and revealed cost-efficient decisions they could carefully weigh regarding its prices, level of difficulty, and standout features.

The trainer also disclosed useful websites to gather resources from and provided tips before, during, and after the editing process.

He comprehensively presented them during the session, from writing scripts, creating storyboards, gathering resources, doing the preliminary animation, and stitching up to its finishing touches.

Finally, the trainees got to witness the actual video editing process directed by the trainer himself. Followed by a couple more editing tips, tutorials, and how-tos, the session soon came to an end productively, with another fruitful win for Ripple's virtual assistants.

Essentially, learning does not happen by accident; it must be pursued with zeal and performed with diligence. So if you want to know more and learn a new set of skills to ply your trade, contact us, and you may get the chance to work with us and excel in your endeavors.


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