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Soul Sparkle Living CEO's Testimony to Ripple VAs

As the CEO of Soul Sparkle Living, ToGather Global, and the founder of the Soul Centered CEO Collective, Hayley Hines is an inspiring leader in the business world. She is a business strategist and intuitive advisor to leaders called to create a soul-centered business and life. A pioneer in transformational travel, she founded Soul Sparkle SEVA, a company that organizes service trips worldwide. She speaks and writes on various subjects, including self-love and self-care, the power of forgiveness, creating a spiritual practice, transformational travel, creating a healthy mindset, and others.

For more than 20 years, Hayley worked in the corporate wellness industry, consulting with more than 500 employers and serving as a senior-level executive for a national health management organization. Throughout her life, she has felt compelled to help others build businesses that positively impact the world. As a Soul Centered CEO, she wants to help other CEOs create a business that gives back.

On a more personal note, Hayley reveals that she had a challenge with administrative tasks piling up as her business grew. She believes that true success means building a highly impactful business while still having time to do the things we enjoy the most. Having a team of dedicated virtual assistants has been so helpful in that regard, allowing her to focus on building even stronger relationships with her clients while spending more time with her friends and family. As a result of working with Ripple, so much of the administrative and day-to-day tasks have been outsourced.

Her first impression of these VA's is that they have been thoroughly reliable, creative, and resourceful. These virtual assistants can prioritize their tasks effectively and keep their schedules in order. With the help of Ripple VAs, Hayley has been able to free up time to work on her own ideas and strategies for the company's growth. She values their genuine concern, professionalism, ability to assist in any way, and willingness to go above and beyond in their work.

With Ripple, there are hundreds of VAs available with different skill sets that she can choose from and interview to meet her needs. Having a diverse group of VAs in one company is a bonus and makes everything a bit easier and hassle-free. Their packages are affordable and flexible, and Hayley appreciates how the extra monthly hours can be rolled over to the next month if unused. She loves how Ripple VAs have their Time Usage Report, where their hours spent on certain tasks are recorded. That way, she can evaluate and refocus them on more beneficial activities for her business. Thus, Hayley recommends the services of Ripple to her clients and community.

Hundreds of VAs are ready to jump in for whatever the clients need, making Ripple VAs a game-changer for the industry!

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