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What Makes a VA Company Unique from Others?

"With the prevalence and demand of virtual assistance services nowadays, it is important to consider that someone's business and services are unique and a breath of fresh air."

Making your service known to the industry with its relevant impact on the clients makes it easier to distinguish your business in the marketplace. Clients are attracted to such high-end and aberrant service providers, which entail more opportunities to offer assistance.

How businesses will reach this trademark milestone is the crucial question.

The secret to achieving this is to provide value to your services. Receiving the bare minimum of service that the client expects might not be sufficient given the glut of commodity items and VAs on the market. The best support and product the company offers are a requirement for value in all service sectors.

Ripple adds value to their services by constantly training its VAs to help them grow their skills. With the down-the-line enhancement of the VAs' skills, such as video editing, podcast editing, or even email marketing, they will be more equipped to help grow their clients' businesses.

Secondly is establishing an effective feedback loop within the organization—this tactic aids in enhancing the business's procedures, goods, and services. To continually encourage participation between VAs, management, and clients, the Ripple community has established a positive culture of feedback exchange.

Finally, ensure an excellent customer service experience. Providing good customer service is not the bottom line of this strategy. It is far-reaching to the extent of attracting more clients to the company. Clients who experience excellent service from a company serve as good ambassadors who pronounce their satisfaction to other potential customers. Ripple takes pride in their client population, which has a considerable percentage coming from referrals.


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