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VA Industry 2022: Trends

An abundance of business trends are boiling beneath the surface for years before the people recognize them – and several industries fail to benefit from them. For instance, employers whose businesses did not resemble crazes that have prevailed for years – like e-commerce – unfortunately, discontinued when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

While the business sector comes off more uncertain than ever, the silhouettes of a post-COVID-19 landscape are beginning to focus. As 2022 takes place, re-fashioning jobs compel industries in such a way to effectively counter the surge of limitations developed by the global pandemic (and its ripple effects) while continuing operations.

The most significant business trend the world has felt is deliberate multitasking – from cultivating resistance to amassing tremendous work orders. It is why many employers resort to hiring virtual assistants (VAs). VAs are in demand because they are more cost-efficient and effective than full-time workers. This trend will not die anytime soon as the need for virtual workers is unwaveringly on the slope. Although it is difficult to find verified statistics on the number of VAs globally as many of them are organization-free, the fact that the industry has ballooned into a deep pocket industry tells so much about this line of work.

In a realm that is still disturbed by the ongoing health crisis, Ripple VAs takes on the challenge to dismiss the drama and discover the VA industry trends for 2022 instead. Here are three (3) top trends worth realizing this year to get ahead of the game.

1. Digital marketing skills

The VA industry intends to remain competitive in this compact virtual landscape; hence, it must keep adjusting to current innovations. Along with this adjustment are a combination of complex, technical, and soft skills from the talents in this industry. The most thriving skills are social media marketing and analytics, video content creation, search engine optimization, content writing and copywriting, and web design and development.

Digital marketing is prominent and rising because industries have identified that online is the best place or track to deliver their product or service. Truthfully, the trends across digital marketing schemes are identical each year – with much interest in search, email, and social marketing and fresh web design and content marketing methods to connect and reclaim audiences.

It is undeniable that one can watch videos online to adopt these skills, but immersing in the digital marketing sphere and integrating the essential digital marketing skills from the ideal leaders and mentors is perfect. Joining or enrolling in a competent digital marketing course would assist one in getting the needed proficiency and could lend a grand entrance to one's digital marketing career.

2. Stronger workplace values with a people-first attitude

According to Forbes magazine, 2022 is a year that allows employers to evaluate how their business has adapted to recent challenges, including workplace culture. When the war for top talent has escalated, industries that win consider employee engagement and a people-first work environment. To be a people-first culture, employees need to care about the employees. It means that companies should give employee connection, development, and recognition priority and importance.

As businesses consider inaugurating offices again, a new Gallup article states a 37% rebate or decrease in employees returning to a physical office full-time. It is mainly a result of a now increased awareness of how beneficial working from home is. Because of this, companies are now embracing flexible work arrangements.

Fairness and equity are also the defining issues for VA companies, especially those with a physical workplace and considering moving into a hybrid work model. In one scenario, debates on COVID-19 vaccine distribution have become flashpoints in the community nowadays. In 2022, executives must regulate fairness and equity across distinct employee backgrounds.

3. High-speed Internet

In a report by Gartner, Inc. in 2020, 88% of global businesses ordered or urged all their workers to work from home as the workforce clutched to the dynamic nature of lockdown restrictions. With the peak in remote working, virtual assistants depart to quieter cities and more accessible lodging options. This trend has further revealed the deficit of high-speed Internet in rural locations this 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has featured the heavy demand to improve broadband infrastructure in unserved areas.

In the Philippines, YugaTech reported that the country is doing much better in broadband performance. The technology website also noted that many service providers had diverted interest to widening the national broadband network. Meanwhile, network management tools have helped streamline upgrades in technology. With the persistent increase of cloud storage, manual tools are becoming a thing of the past as virtual network functions. These include firewalls, routers, and software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN).

Notably, the Internet is the heart and soul of every virtual assistance career. Adapting connectivity remedies to handle today's problems and tomorrow's solutions would lead to success, regardless of what the future appears to be.

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