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[VA Feature] Traversing Strong and Independent: Get to Know Hazel Suba

She wants to do more than visit exciting places. Her loved ones, her home, and her job are like magnets, and she needs to take a step back every once in a while to read her inner compass. She finds that when she leaves aside the things expected of her, she can see the world in a new light. New tastes develop for previously unappreciated items. A rush of curiosity. When she travels, she completely transforms into a new person. She is Hazel Suba.

Eldest among her siblings, Hazel dreams of taking ownership of her finances and traveling worldwide. But first, she has to know her starting point.

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Hazel shared that her travel goals were affected due to restrictions. Her life turned out to be “stagnant,” as she had described. Her typical day before was to work, eat, watch Korean dramas, and sleep. “It's a cycle! The pandemic does not have a big effect on my daily activities, other than I always need to wear a mask in our office,” Hazel wittily said.

Sometimes, she had to switch things up. Something as simple as her daily routine may need to be questioned, and it was up to her to imagine the next move that would lead her to her goal. She broadened her options by working efficiently to receive the maximum advantage. Hazel enrolled in the Ripple Success Academy (RSA) Training program in 2022, eventually opening the door to Ripple VAs.

Spontaneously, her two sisters are also working at the company. Motivated by her sister, Hazel takes sustained steps toward achieving her dreams by having an extra job and being more productive.

Hazel calls herself a results-driven sales and marketing expert with over nine years of experience. A graduate of Master in Business Administration majoring in Marketing Management at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Hazel excels at building and maintaining client relationships by utilizing her strong communication, problem-solving, and empathy abilities.

For some time, she learned from Ripple about proper mindset, that is, the willingness to grow. She believes that her development can help her rise above her present snags. Whether the result is positive or negative, she knows it is an opportunity for expansion if she emphasizes growth.

Hazel shared that she sees herself in Ripple in five years as she wants to become a full-time VA. To her, being a VA is getting out of her comfort zone. Being in a corporate job for almost ten years now, she has realized that she can only develop by putting herself in situations where she has no choice but to face her fears. To progress, she must embrace change at times.

“Do not settle for less. There are many opportunities out there, we need to grab the chance and leave our fears behind, and we will surely reach our goals,” Hazel uttered.

Hazel expressed that she is now living a better life compared to before. “We are not living our dream life yet, but I know that as long as we continue to be more productive, we can achieve it,” she added.

Hazel’s motto is "A man without ambition is like a rolling stone without a destination." Hence, she has kept her focus on her life goals. For her, setting goals facilitates progress in life. It gives her a roadmap to follow – a terrific method to keep herself accountable, even if she occasionally falls short. Setting goals and working to achieve them helps her define what she truly wants.

Moreover, her favorite song is “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child. She does not rely on others; she is strong and independent.

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