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VA FEATURE: Rizza Ambrocio-Cordovan and Beyond: The Empowered Woman

“The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” When asked about something that would perfectly mirror her personality and embody her ideals, she immediately quoted the words above from Harold Taylor — a Canadian politician.

Emerging from the Queen City of the South is an empowered virtual assistant who possesses a strong will to advance towards success. Bordering on the ideals of attaining a true sense of achievement, this queen from Cebu City desires to be the best version of herself by withstanding and overcoming any challenge and obstacle that may come her way.

Graduated last 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines Cebu. This virtual assistant has served as a Sourcing Associate from 2014 to 2017 and is currently working as a Recruitment Specialist since 2017. She officially became part of the Ripple VAs last August 2020 through the invitation of her close friend.

Achieving the best outcome possible and providing quality outputs have easily been the best practice at work for this virtual assistant. When working, she sees to it that her works are not half-baked. When faced with unfamiliar tasks, she exerts effort to efficiently finish them by finding ways first before approaching someone else.

“I want to be able to build a business which can employ those who are not so technologically adept, especially in rural areas,” she responded when asked about her aspirations. Hanging onto her statement, this virtual assistant has been one of the great contributors to the success of Project BADJE - a community project aiming to address health-related concerns in Camangcamang, Carcar City. Worthy of mentioning, her project was one of the Top 14 Ideas Positive Finalists in 2013.

This VA is a photo and video enthusiast who also loves to explore new cafes, taste good breakfast meals, and motor drive with his husband during the nighttime. Aside from her role as a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs, she has spent her time working as a full-time recruiter and an online shop owner since 2016. Truly hardworking. Her hard work and determination are rooted in her dreams of saving up for her future kids, owning a house with a garden, and, most importantly, supporting a charity.

Gearing towards financial stability and independence for herself and her family in the future, this wonder of a virtual assistant continues to juggle various hustles and work roles. Up for the better, she is very thankful to Ripple VAs for the opportunity and for helping her change her perspective.

“I was still thankful even before the pandemic, but being thankful at the height of struggles or uncertainty is a different thing. I was wired to jumpstart the day and think of the tasks, never sitting through life's smallest blessings that matter the most”, she said as she explained how she is thankful to Ripple VAs for letting her become more appreciative more thankful, and closer to God.

Considering it as her favorite culture in Ripple, she now practices gratitude therapy and keeps a gratitude notebook where she writes things she’s thankful for daily. With this, she revealed that Ripple VAs had become a significant part of her life which helped her become better every day.

Harnessing all the experiences, skills, and knowledge, this virtual assistant spends her daily pursuing the most excellent person she can be - stripping the need for external validation and unnecessary comparison. She wields strength powered by her core values and ideals, unaffected by people’s opinions.

This empowered woman from the Queen City of the South is none other than Rizza “Riz” Ambrocio — a full-time recruiter, an online shop owner, a virtual assistant, a photo and video enthusiast, an explorer, a wife to Rosenberg Cordovan, and most importantly, a woman with a strong heart who will advance endlessly in pursuit of achieving the best version of herself.


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