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VA FEATURE: Liezel T. Lumiguid - Learning from Adversity

Liezel T. Lumiguid works hard to achieve her work goals in life by staying focused in the workplace. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management and is currently in Ripple VAs for almost three years. Her previous role as payroll and billing analyst and administrative assistant at Adventurer's Multipurpose Cooperative made her understand the concept of work and dedication.

Liezel got the Top Performer Employee Award in 2017 and attained the Commitment to Service Award in 2016. She is a professional Virtual Assistant with proven experience in handling administrative and project management roles, such as organizing and managing a client's business to achieve organization and hit the desired goals.

Her coworkers describe her as a smart and fast learner, a loyal virtual assistant, and a person who is always fun to be with. She loves to travel because being a virtual assistant will give her more opportunities to explore the unknown. She is an outdoor type of person and a night owl. Her life motto centers, "Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits!" - Jerry Dunn.

Liezel does her task seriously and can multitask. She is responsible, detail-oriented, accountable for her work, provides quality output, trustworthy, resourceful, and wants to make a difference to the company. She also helps others make their life more comfortable and loves to tackle problems.

Meanwhile, time management is the best way for her to balance her leisure and work. When she is not working, she spends time with her family, relatives, or friends. Listening to Christian songs, practicing guitar or violin, and watching movies on Netflix. She wants her persona to be an influencer, not to exalt herself but to exalt Jesus. Besides that, Liezel values her life, family, GNCF Ministry, her significant other, and friends. The most important thing that she treasures is her journal notebook and the Bible.

Back in high school, she was a choir member. In 2017, she would practice drums, but now, her focus is on guitar and violin. She cooks in her spare time and would like to learn baking in the future. Still, Liezel also dreams of traveling internationally and wants to become a Civil Service passer. She also joined ESPN Global, a mobile e-Sports platform based in the United Kingdom. However, according to Liezel, the most seemingly insignificant decision she made had a massive impact on her life when she joined a different business field.

One significant feat she achieved was being a subcontractor at a very young age. She could have earned a fortune for having the best people. Despite being surrounded by positivity, the business went bankrupt. She was clueless, but God lifted her out from that downhill. Ripple VAs was an answered prayer to her, not just on the financial aspect but on spiritual growth. Ripple made Liezel the person who she is today as she enjoys being groomed for the next challenge.

For Liezel, Ripple is likened to the movie "Lilo and Stitch," where Ohana is emphasized. Similarly, Ripple does not want someone in the family to be left out, especially the spiritual aspect. She delights when Ripple freelancers keep giving their best to reach their life goals.


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