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Her most outstanding achievement was becoming a dean's lister during college and was the 2nd virtual assistant of the week.

Jazel Perez is the younger sister of the CEO of Ripple, Jezrel Perez. Her parents gave her the nickname "Lang-lang," which is short for “langga.” Jazel is a proud mommy of two handsome and smart boys. She works as a mom during the daytime and as a virtual assistant during the nighttime. It is never easy for her as she tries to juggle a full-time job with family life, but despite the hardship, she is happy and satisfied that she makes a living with her family by her side, and at the same time, accomplishing her goals in life. Her dream is simple, to have a happy and peaceful life.

Jazel loves being competitive, not towards others but to herself. She enjoys learning new things and is continually seeking improvement because she wants to become a better version of herself by the end of the year, and in the following year, even better. The cumulative effect of moving an inch every day is far more significant than moving a couple of feet once in a while. This attitude does not only relate to work but also in life, such as sports, school activities, and anything else that she is devoted to.

Despite the limitations of life, she sees that the process of perfection will always be enjoyable. In the workplace, she sets goals and acknowledges the valuable insights of other people to solve problems and be active in the process. In this way, everyone will gain creative input and fresh ideas.

Meanwhile, she delivers tasks with quality rather than quantity to make sure her clients are happy and satisfied with the results. She loves to help others and has great respect for the company. She shares the same vision with the company and is dedicated to its mission. As Philippians 4:13 says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. After work, she reads articles or watches movies. She is usually with her family most of the time, playing and cuddling with her kids.

Ripple has helped Jazel become a better version of herself. When she started her career as a virtual assistant, she did not know anything about it. However, with her strong determination and her open mind, she was able to catch up with her peers, which demonstrates a growth-focused mindset and confidence in times of adversity. With Ripple, she can now make a living and at the same time grow spiritually. Ripple's mentorship program reminds her never to trade time with God.

She contributes to Ripple by doing her best and by being an excellent example to everyone. Her message to other freelancers is that if somebody offers a fantastic opportunity but you are not sure if you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.


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