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VA FEATURE: Christian Eric Lastimosa — A Man of Hardwork

“I drink coffee to sleep.”

- the perfect reflection of how the multifaceted and hardworking Christian Eric Lastimosa took on his life as a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs. 

Christian Eric Lastimosa, commonly referred to as Eric by his family and friends, is a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs for two years and has been in the corporate world for six years already. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology at Talisay City College and has been working as an owner of a photography business. He is the loving husband of Charmaigne Ruth Lastimosa.

Balancing work, passion, and family, Eric dreams of gaining more clients and growing his VA venture to sustain his family. He keeps himself busy with his photography business and his footwear business while working as a virtual assistant. Nonetheless, he also manages to keep himself entertained with his hobbies - photography and mobile games. Despite juggling his responsibilities as a businessman and as a husband, he remains motivated and strong to face life’s challenges with his family as his inspiration. 

Everyone faces struggles, and Eric is not an exception from that. He manages a hectic schedule every day with little time available for sleep and luxury. With a cup of coffee on his hand, he takes on his job seriously as he anchors himself with the value of hard work and determination. Indeed, the life of being a working husband is never easy - it requires patience and discipline. 

Eric also believes in the importance of continuous improvement. He continuously cultivates his work values and improves his work practices to create the best output possible for his clients. He maintains a clear mind while working to remain keen on every detail and avoids wasting time to manage his schedule correctly. Such efforts and values took him to greater heights as he reaped the fruit of his labor when he was recognized as the Ripple VA’s Virtual Assistant of the Week in the 1st week of July! 

This victory of his did not happen overnight, though. This success can be traced way back the year 2019 when he started working at Ripple VAs. “I wanted and needed to find a home-based job, so I approached Jez, the CEO, and inquired if they have a vacant role that time.”, he said. Starting then, he faced numerous struggles and obstacles, but he pushed forward and bulldozed them as he equipped himself with the courage to continue. 

When asked how Ripple has helped him, he said, “Ripple VAs taught me how to live the VA life.” He talked about how Ripple VAs helped him become a better version of himself and a better VA. After all, the work of a virtual assistant is not an easy road. Just like all other noble jobs in the world, being a virtual assistant requires countless sacrifices and sleepless nights. But it is because of Ripple VAs that he became more flexible, more capable, and more knowledgeable. Through Ripple, he has met many people and encountered countless opportunities, which enabled him to sustain his family. 

He loves working at Ripple - the culture, the environment, and the people. He particularly loves how the company embraces the firm foundation of life, which is the Word of God. This is because Christian Eric Lastimosa also lives the Christian way and dedicates himself and his work to God. Through his faith and devotion, he can muster the strength which keeps him alive and going. This is one of his secrets for prevailing in situations despite the uncertainties. 

The multifaceted and hardworking Christian Eric Lastimosa left a few words to encourage the people to venture into the world of virtual assistance.

“The world of VAs might be a journey full of risks and challenges, but once you start and learn the ways, you will surely love it!” Christian remarked. 

Ultimately, people will have to fight battles and overcome challenges. After all, the world we live in is a raging battlefield that we have to conquer. Things might seem bleak, and problems might pour endlessly. However, we must not give up, and we must keep moving forward for the sake of our dreams and the people around us. With our goals and family in mind, let’s work hard and drink a cup of warm coffee late at night - just like Christian Eric. 


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