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[VA Feature] Camille Anne D. Cantor: The Achiever’s Mindset

"Wherever I am, I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else. - Angelina Jolie"

This quote exemplifies the life of Camille Anne D. Cantor, a current working student in her 4th year in college pursuing a degree in BSBA Marketing Management. Her boss and coworkers describe her as a resourceful, creative, and independent worker. An independent worker who values time and respects her colleagues, and always gives her extra mile in everything that she does. She gives her undivided attention to the task, which is done to the best of her ability. Meanwhile, she maintains a healthy work-life balance by practicing self-control and always putting her immediate priorities first. After work, her favorite pastimes are playing online games and binge-watch movies and series.

Lianne, as people call her, is passionate about learning new things and exploring new places. She will push through any adversity and do what needs to be done to succeed. That is why she has an achiever mindset.

A small, seemingly insignificant decision that had a massive impact on Camille's life was when she decided to apply as a Virtual Assistant at Ripple. She applied to Ripple during the COVID-19 pandemic since she had nothing better to do and searched for a desire to "learn and have a sense of responsibility." If she could describe her Ripple experience in one word, it would be a "blessing" since meeting people from all over the world and listening to their experiences is a great way to expand your knowledge.

Camille contributes to Ripple by giving her 100% when working with clients and seeing that they are satisfied with her effort. "I always think that I represent and bear the name of the company; therefore, I should also embody its values."

Ripple helped her become a better person through growth, dealing with problems more efficiently, and how to interact effectively with others. For Camille, the virtual assistants at Ripple are supportive of one another despite the friendly rivalry to be the first to land a client. They consider one another a valuable resource rather than an adversary. There is no jealousy; instead, everyone cheers on each other's successes.

"My message to other freelancers is to always persevere. That is what it takes to survive and grow in this career path. Perseverance includes always giving your 101% in everything you do, working honestly, and being efficient and effective. Also, love what you are doing until work does not feel like work."


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