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VA Feature Article: The Versatile Virtual Assistant - Jose Alden Buot

Jose Alden Buot has a strong background on both psychology and mass communication.

He was also featured as the Virtual Assistant of the week in Ripple VAs because of his various esteemed skills ranging from being a quick thinker and a problem solver, good public speaking and negotiation skills, excellent time management, and work with minimal supervision. He has a keen eye for detail and high regard for initiative. Likewise, he is a highly trainable person and can adapt and manipulate any office software.

Alden is an avid music geek and a traveler at heart who loves the ocean and desires to go on unplanned adventures. He is passionate about personal growth, music, and musical instruments. Depending on his mood, he writes songs, goes wakeboarding, or has off-road travels with his friends in his spare time. He dreams of owning a business someday, aspires to play his composition at the Wish 107.5 bus, and upload his songs to Spotify.

He balances leisure and works through prioritizing a comfortable workplace, being aware of time, knowing when to take a break, and having the enthusiasm to deliver the task at hand with quality. His boss and coworkers would describe him as a person who always gives new ideas and is dedicated to finishing work before the deadline. Aside from that, he is a good friend who is willing to help his fellow team members. He has a transformational leadership mindset because he wants to make people grow and be empowered to make the best version of themselves. What makes him unique is his willingness to help others and being fearless. He is a great team member because he is always positive and always on the go.

Having a committed attitude to his work, Alden emphasizes team effort and respect for each other. He sees to it that he still does what is right that it also serves the common good.

Ripple had a significant impact on building his character and competence. He entered Ripple knowing that he would learn something new and would later shape his new passions in life. Now, he contributes to the company by being the best version of himself. Ripple also made Alden closer to God through their mentorship program. It changed his perspective on companies because a healthy company focuses on the members' growth and not just money alone. They mold their members to grow and become good followers and leaders. That is why he is thankful for having an ideal company culture in Ripple.

His message to other freelancers is to “Never to fear failure.” For someone to grow and develop, that person will expect many disappointments in life. However, do not let those failures hinder you from reaching your personal goals in life.


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