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Tips for Sales Call by Ripple’s Finest Experts

The finest Virtual Assistants understand that selling isn't a game of chance. Sales results, on the other hand, are the outcome of meticulous strategic planning. According to research, the most successful sales representatives thoroughly organize each call. It is important to take note their style should be flexible enough to tailor each call to the individual prospect.

Effective sales representatives don't reinvent the wheel every time. They replicate their success once they've established the correct structure for a call that has shown to bring good results. Every sales call will be unique, which is why preparation and research are crucial. To develop the optimal approach to each call, the best reps mix proven framework with the unique demands of each prospect.

Knowing how to make sales calls efficiently can be crucial to your success, whether you're contacting a new lead, making a cold call, or following up with a prospect. However, sales calls can be absolutely terrifying for beginners. But worry no more because the best virtual assistants in Ripple will be giving their tips just for you. In this article, we’ll show you some powerful sales call techniques used by our top-notch VAs.

This is a collection of tips from the best Sales Call representatives in Ripple:

Ruth Risma

1. Be proactive - Aways interact, encourage the prospect to ask questions/talk about their needs, etc. Don't be hesitant to strike up a conversation with a potential buyer who is a good fit for your product. Moreover, adding value is one of the most successful ways for salespeople to create trust with their prospects. Taking the initiative and actively assisting your customers through the sales process can be a valuable approach in your sales toolkit. You'll establish yourself as a trustworthy, helpful business partner, resulting in increased trust and brand loyalty for your company.

2. Don't be salesy - We already provide top notch services, you just have to explain everything in depth (like you really know what you're talking about). Avoid being too aggressive when selling your products or services. Be confident in what you’re trying to sell to your customers.

3. Be punctual and come prepared - Check the client prior to the call (socmed/website, etc), know what tasks they need help with, time zone, email, etc. As much as possible avoid getting late, be the first to enter the zoom or whatever platform you’re using. Moreover, study your pitch or material ahead of time so you’ll have more confidence selling your product. If you fail to prepare, there's a much higher possibility that things won't go as planned when you make the call. Of course, preparation for a sales call does not guarantee a positive outcome, but it does improve your odds of obtaining what you want out of the call.

4. Always smile and be approachable - Pleasant and warm aura goes a long way. Always make prospects feel that you are not doing the call for the sake of sales but you're on the call to talk about their business, and that you are actually interested in what they do. Being approachable is essential for developing positive customer interactions and for forming a strong bond in which confidence may grow and ideas can flow.

5. Pray and be Confident - Quick prayer will do, as long as you mean it and come from the heart.

Claudine Anne Reyes

1. Be Cheerful and Positive - When you’re talking to your client, try to make them comfortable by saying positive things. Open up your pitch with a cheerful attitude. These small gestures can add up to better results. Who knows your client is having a bad day, and it might be your cheerfulness that can lift their spirits.

2. Be Kind and Mindful (Take notes of what the person is saying) - Create a personal note, it can either be a notebook or a notepad in your computer or laptop. Take down their questions and concerns. Answering their queries can help you win them, so, always make sure to bring up their concerns later on in the conversation.

3. Don't interrupt when the other person is speaking - When your client is talking to you, avoid unnecessary noise. If it’s possible, turn your mic off. Listening to what they’re saying is a way of showing respect and value to them.

4. Always Prepare for Each Call - Sales call is just like an oral exam. If you fail to read your materials, then your chances of passing will be significantly low. If you want to have a stimulation of your call, ask your friend or colleague your client. Doing this can help increase your chances of getting your client. Always keep in mind that preparation is the key.

5. Study your material - Your material is the source of your knowledge. Equipped yourself with the right terms and information for a smooth sailing sales call to your client. Read everything on your material and take notes on the important keywords. This information will give you an edge to answer your clients queries and concerns.

Shana Manzano

1. Go in prepared - It's important for you to know ahead of time the nature of their business and what their needs are.

2. So as not to get lost during the call, have a flow - Our current process in Ripple is we have a presentation to show the leads during the call and everything is already organized there.

3. Highlight on the things that the company can do

4. It's important that you sound confident during the call.

5. After the call, we send them an email just to recap what was covered. That way, they have something to review on after your conversation with them


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