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[SUCCESS STORY] Thriving with Grace: Why Jayzza Bautista Left Her 8-8 Job for Ultimate Growth

No one starts a job with the assumption that it would be a setback, just as no one enters a new relationship with the expectation that it will not work out. When you realize that your job has become a source of concern for you, things may appear bleak. If your relationship with your employment is "complex," it means "it's not working." Fortunately, Jayzza Bautista knew when to end it.

Jayzza understood that going against the grain may be exciting. It might often be challenging to realize that she could not do everything. It might take some time, but she ultimately realized she needed to heed that small voice asking her to make changes in her life – and it needed to begin with her employment.

Before applying to Ripple VAs, Jayzza quit being a corporate enslaved person, where she did a job she had no interest in. She lost faith in herself and her ability after resigning from her 8-8 job (which may worsen). Going with the flow was how she attempted to handle this difficult path. Her necessity for new employment prompted her to seek the Ripple route.

Now seven months in Ripple, Jayzza claimed she is "flourishing" as she enjoys "pleasant emotions, positive psychological and social functioning." Presently, she is "thriving with grace." Ripple has provided her with more than cash rewards. These are the blessings of family, commitment, and self-actualization.

"Being a Ripple VA is life-changing. Work does not feel like work. Everyone is family and will genuinely treat you as one. They care for us and our well-being foremost. Through mentorships and fellowships, we are heard and seen. Ripple VAs is an extension of my family," Jayzza said.

Changing mindset and becoming gritty For Jayzza, her experience has helped her to have a growth mindset. She has overthought less and trusted her decisions. She is now venturing outside her comfort zone and becoming more open to learning new things. She is more accepting of herself and more confident in what she does.

"It is okay to be fragile, feel lost, and break. Have compassion for yourself and remember that God is with us," Jayzza uttered.

Jayzza's life and career are still far from what she prays for, but her definition of success has become simple. She lives by macro patience, continuous progress, following her interests, developing good relationships, and giving genuine service.

Moreover, Jayzza describes success as doing her best every day. She prides herself on being a hard worker and has always gone above and beyond while on her job. She considers herself a success because she loves what she does, is with good people forging good relationships, lives independently, and cares for her family.

Her success habit includes:

  • Offering excellent client experience by engaging with their needs.

  • Being consistent with her actions, genuine in helping them.

  • Treating their business as her own.

She is humble, flexible, and grateful Jayzza continuously congratulated herself as she became more open to new experiences. She sought assistance and direction from her coworkers as well as from God. Filled with trepidation, she went on.

A blooming creative who loves art, fashion, design, and food, Jayzza specializes in graphic design and social media management. In her continuous pursuit of happiness and free time, she hits the gym or watches Netflix.

Furthermore, she said she would like to explore a marketing or multimedia arts career if she were not a Ripple VA. Both became very interesting for her because they are part of her job as a VA, and she got to experience first-hand tasks relating to them. "I love arts, and I enjoy design and crafts. In marketing, I can use the skills that I excel at," she said.

"I have realized that nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and mind into it. It is a huge help to have an open mind and be teachable. Career paths are not always linear, and I have discovered a different side of myself. I started to embrace my creativity, and I am now following my interests and, at the same time, helping people. I am doing what I love and earning from it," Jayzza added.

Jayzza found Ripple VAs-Batangas Finance Officer Khristine Flores's story inspirational. She shared that they were batchmates during training and witnessed her growth as a VA and how God used her as an instrument to help her clients and touch people's hearts and minds in the company.


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