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[SUCCESS STORY] Quinzelle Ann Pabuaya Beats Burnout and Writes Her Work-Life Success Story

Quinzelle Ann Pabuaya is a Marketing VA and Business Development Executive of Ripple VAs.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • Quinzelle worked in the food industry for five years with a nine-hour daily schedule. Sometimes, it could be a 12-hour job. As a mom, she wanted to beat burnout and balance work and life, so she resigned from her position. She then accepted the opportunity brought to her by her friend to work at Ripple.

Upon joining Ripple

  • Although she initially doubted herself due to her little experience in the VA industry, Quinzelle acquired job openings and got three clients within a month. She obtained her first client a week after being onboarded.

  • Quinzelle's first few experiences could have been smoother sailing. For one, a client replaced her because she committed some errors while doing the work. When her client ended the terms with her, she was discouraged and disappointed in herself. But then, she felt grateful for how her AE supported her with encouraging words. She applied one of Ripple VAs' core values: embracing mistakes and learning from them.

  • In her belief that another opens when one door closes, Quinzelle received a new position offered by the Internal Team with a 20-hour work week.

Today's stint in Ripple

  • Ripple allowed Quinzelle to be better financially and a better version of herself. She became optimistic and trusted God's plan more than hers.

  • She found her work-life balance, saying she can now spend time with her family while earning money, which gives her a chance to nurture her relationships.

  • With Ripple, Quinzelle also started working on her short-term goals: finding multiple sources of income, organizing her workspace, and starting a monthly savings plan. And as for her long-term goals, she is working on paying off loans and debts, opening a business, owning a house, saving money, and nurturing relationships.

  • Lastly, Ripple improved her mindset. As a shy person, she now takes on sales and client interactions. She went from being an anxious person to becoming trustful of God's will.


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