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[SUCCESS STORY] Jazel Perez: A Successful Sales Prospector's Story of Resilient Mindset

She operates on a level of faith that aids in giving purpose, strength, and resilience to the path she carries out for Ripple VAs. For this, she has to believe that she will succeed. Providentially, she did.

Jazel Perez, Ripple VAs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jezrel Perez's sister, thrived when she became Ripple VAs' "LPV of the Year" for two years and has been the "LPV of the Month" for almost a year. With this, she experienced a financial breakthrough and could buy her car. Her relationship with God has strengthened every day as well.

She said her sister was the first person who inspired her. She has always been amazed at how the latter handles everything in her life perfectly, from being a CEO, a coach, a law student, and a pastor.

"I always believe success is not about how much money you make, but the difference you make in people's lives. And that is what I see in Jez," Jazel said.

For four years and counting, Jazel's successful experiences have helped her become a better version of herself today. She has learned to trust herself. She has accepted the power of "good enough," pointing out that none of us can consistently achieve perfection. Jazel's success also revealed that Ripple VAs is a company and a family that supports each other and celebrates wins.

Realizing that she can still do more and must step out of her comfort zone, Jazel has encouraged herself to push in unfamiliar places and do things she does not usually do. She added that she is different today because she thinks before doing anything. She always thinks of the possible outcome of her actions.

Jazel shared she has had four successful habits in life. Set in her mind, when determination encounters opportunity with faith, magic transpires – and her success proves it always does.

Confidence in oneself

Jazel always believes in herself. She said if she is going to be successful in creating the life of her dreams, she has to think that she can make it happen. "Always believe in yourself and keep going. You can have a few skills or talents in the world. You do not have to be the most intelligent person in the world. If you persist and persist, you will be successful," she stressed.

Setting goals

Jazel sets goals. Every time she does something, she sets goals to have a reason to strive more. With her dream of becoming a great and effective leader, Jazel noted that she is still developing to become 1% better than yesterday.

Positive competition

Jazel described herself as very competitive — a positive competition that brings out the best in everyone around her. She added that she needs to let go of unfavorable comparisons to reach her full potential.

Trusting God

Lastly, Jazel entrusts everything to God. She relies upon Colossians 3:23, which says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." Jazel believes everyone should intentionally slow down and reflect vitally to grow their relationship with God.

Currently, Jazel appreciates her work since she could have more time with her family working at home. One of her proudest moments was when she birthed her two sons. She needs to balance her work life and family time.


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