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[SUCCESS STORY] How God's Providence Gave Sheena Marie Balat a Sense of Security

Sheena Marie Balat is an Executive VA and Marketing VA of Ripple VAs.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • Sheena worked in corporate for almost eight years until the pandemic, which had a massive impact on her family. She searched and tackled the Internet for another job and discovered the Ripple VAs Facebook page. She stalked Ripple's page and other social media channels; the more she read and saw about the company, the more she was drawn to it because "it is so aligned with my values and beliefs."

Upon joining Ripple

  • In her fresh moments at Ripple, Sheena experienced just having Php2,000 in earnings because she was not confident about grabbing job openings. To overcome this, she focused on the positive aspects of life and having a cell group at their local church dramatically assisted her in maintaining her faith.

  • She found that freelancing work may not be easy, but she needs to be hard on herself and keep going.

Today's stint in Ripple

  • Sheena believed there was no call for her to worry and fret about things, for nothing can touch her that God does not allow. She understood that financial stability is everyone's wish and dream. And her time with Ripple taught her that success is defined not by how much money she makes. Instead, success was the sense of security that comes from knowing the Lord is the God who provides. Moreover, her experiences taught her that no matter her situation, she is learning.

  • Sheena said she aims to get more clients, upskill and learn new skills, and achieve financial and spiritual breakthroughs.


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