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Satellite Managing Director Feature - Patricia Louisse Garcia: An Instrument of Growth

Emerging from Dipolog City is an empowered and independent virtual assistant with knowledge of the tech industry and a passion for photography. Patricia Louisse Garcia, often referred to as Pat by her friends and family, is a 23-year old lady who loves playing the guitar, singing, watching K-drama, and reading books.

Having graduated from Cebu Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education majoring in Mathematics, Patricia Louisse Garcia has been in the virtual assistance industry for over a year already. Prior to being a VA, she exhibited a strong desire to teach by being an educator.

However, she felt that she was destined to fulfill a greater purpose in life. She previously taught in schools and a local ESL company. Thanks to her friend who referred her, she eventually found herself applying at Ripple VAs.

Her journey as a virtual assistant was a bumpy ride. However, Pat said that “it has also been the most amazing experience” as she is now able to do what she is passionate about while earning a living. Her experience so far allowed her to encounter loving clients who appreciate all her work while motivating her to do even better.

When asked about her significant experience while working as a virtual assistant at Ripple VAs, she found herself being drawn closer to God along with the people around her. This allowed her to experience a spiritual breakthrough, eventually opening the doors to her career as Ripple VA’s Satellite Managing Director for the newly-opened Dipolog Office.

Her role as the Dipolog Satellite Managing Director entails for her to oversee the operations of the company from a business perspective while also nurturing the ministry.

Although having been given such a big responsibility, Pat did not face it all alone. She had the support of her executives: Leona, Shamah, and Disny. All of them were guided and equipped by the Top Management and Ripple’s Mission Core Team through a series of training sessions on how to handle a business, how to be accountable, and how to raise a ministry.

According to Pat, “Ripple Dipolog might not encounter the exact same challenges and situations as that of Ripple Main, but whatever we encounter, Ripple Dipolog will surely rise above it all as we continue to walk with Christ in our journey”.

As the now-Satellite Managing Director of Ripple’s third satellite office, Pat envisions Ripple Dipolog to be an instrument to raise more leaders in the ministry and also become a business that’s instrumental to people’s lives.

That’s Patricia Louisse Garcia, a leader who yearns to be an instrument of growth.

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