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Ripple VAs: 4 Years of Success from the CEO’s Own Words

Ripple VAs: 4 Years of Success from the CEO’s Own Words (Taken from the Anniversary Speech of Jez Perez)

A series of tiny waves on the water's surface — this is what “ripple” means. Four years ago, this word officially became a namesake of a company that strives to create a positive effect in the community, the Ripple VAs.

In 2018, Jez Perez, the CEO/Founder of Ripple VAs, gave birth to a vision and a discovery. The incomplete picture from years back has now cascaded into an achieved community—in which serving God, clients, and virtual assistants has become its mission.

Like little rocks turning ripple into waves, the company does not stop right in its starting position. It also radiates its values and competence so the others can also feel the success.

Look at what Jez has to say for Ripple VAs' 4th anniversary!

People and their contributions to victory

When people think about success, the recognition must lie on those who made the dream work. Of course, ideas and visions don’t realize on their own. They need people as movers. In Ripple VAs, these people are not just workers. They are partners.

As Jez said in her anniversary speech, “I’d like to thank and congratulate all of our partners, both our VAs and our clients, because none of these would be possible without you.”

Things get better and better

The 26th of February has become a memorable date for Ripple VAs since one spark of inspiration from that day on, coupled with prayer and faith, has started a continuous journey towards respect, integrity, purpose, proactiveness, love, and embrace packed into one venture.

For the CEO of a company with an ever-expanding team and ever-improving services, it can only get better as time goes by. “Indeed, the best is yet to come. I believe that God is just getting started with all of the things He has planned and carefully laid out in our path, both individually and as a company,” Jez said.

All glory and honor belong to God

What makes Ripple VAs different from other companies is that its core mission is to not only do promising impacts for the community but also do them for the glory of Christ.

“I’m so excited for everyone, especially that Ripple has officially bloomed into becoming a ministry as well. So, the double portion of God’s anointing is definitely in the midst of us,” Jez said.

A never-ending flow of blessings

With a company that does not stop giving back to the ministry and the community, it is only fitting that all the good things happening are well-deserved. The gush of gifts and triumph will not cease and will continue providing for the people.

"There are a lot of things to look forward to, a lot of things to declare, and praise God in advance because I believe that the best is just yet to come," Jez declared the possibility of more blessings to transpire in the future.

It has been four glorious years ever since Ripple VAs was once a little rock, starting to build its firm foundation. Now, it can proudly create ripples that can change and inspire lives through the waves of success.

The only way is up. With a community that sets on a clear vision, the coming years will be just as exciting and fruitful for Ripple VAs.


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