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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs to pilot online networking framework

Ripple VAs, now a premier virtual assistant leadership (VAL) company, is taking steps to boost its marketing and increase its brand awareness by developing an online networking framework.

The project, known as "Project Apple," aims to create a high-level overview and structure that will help Ripple VAs introduce itself and its services to a broader audience by attending various events.

The project has been in the works since February of this year, with top and middle management and some Business Development Executives (BDEs) working collaboratively to ensure its success.

As part of the project's initial phase, Ripple VAs Chief Growth Officer Emeljune Corpuz has collaborated with Chief Internal Marketing Officer (CIMO) Earl Guen Padayao to develop the standard operating procedures (SOP) and create comprehensive introduction and elevator pitch scripts.

He added that the company has researched and sought out events to attend and discussed with management to do a pilot test as part of their preparations.

Moreover, Corpuz said company representatives are already lined up and ready to participate in different events.

The company representatives can introduce themselves, share their core values and services, and create a lasting impression by attending events.

While Corpuz expects that the pilot testing will be successful, he hopes they will receive ample time and a chance to introduce the overwhelming amount of information about Ripple since the project is a critical component of the company's overall branding.

Furthermore, Ripple VAs aims to attend events to connect with potential clients and forge new relationships.

Corpuz said further that the pilot testing phase would help them gauge the effectiveness of the online networking framework and allow them to make necessary adjustments and improvements.

Ripple VAs hopes to achieve its overall brand objectives and marketing activities by creating an online networking framework.

The project is an essential component of the company's marketing strategy, and it highlights Ripple VAs' commitment to expanding its client base and increasing its visibility in the VAL industry.


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