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RIPPLE NEWS: Ripple VAs equip new mentors through 11-day training program

To prepare new mentors for handling their mentorships and mentees, Ripple VAs' Mission Department spearheaded a Trainee-Mentors Training Program from May 23 to June 2.

First of its kind in the company, the said training program provided the participants with valuable input in handling mentorships.

The venture taught the new mentors the proper understanding of being a mentor or laborers of Christ through the Word of God, how to create a message, and what the different types of preaching and sermon are.

"Ripple VAs, as we all know, is not just a company but also a ministry, where the Word of God will preach to all its employees. So, this program is the ministry or mission leg of the company," Stella Geraldez, Chief Ripple Mission officer, said.

According to Geraldez, the program also focused on facilitating the virtual assistants (VAs) to experience spiritual breakthroughs in their lives from being a believer to a mentee and, eventually, a mentor.

She added, "The company's desire is for this program to be used as a vessel of God to prepare, equip, and strengthen His workers for the spreading of the Good News of Christ."

A blended type of training, the program was conducted via Zoom meetings and self-paced, with the modules and videos for the trainees to complete in their desired time.

Mission Core Team composed of Ripple VAs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jezrel Perez, Chief Operations Officer (COO) Shana Manzano, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Melvie Ayacaide, and Geraldez headed the said activity.

To ensure the program went well, they had a collaborative meeting a month before the program started to discuss the flow and preparation of the modules.

The training was open to all VAs of the company who underwent mentorships and desired to be a mentor.

The Mission Department believed the new mentors will integrate and apply their learnings and experience from the training during their weekly mentorships.


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