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RIPPLE NEWS: All Departments Set to Become BO.LD.ER

Every day is a perfect time to start, as there is always room for improvement, no matter how perfect it may seem.

With this year’s declaration of Bolder Obedience, Leadership Development, and Enriched Relationship (BO.LD.ER), all departments are heading towards better and more focused needle-moving activity to raise emerging new leaders and strengthen relationships within Ripple.

“Needle-moving activities are projects or activities that move the business forward/grow the business,” Chief Operating Officer Shana Manzano said.

BO.LD.ER. was announced during the 4th Quarter Company-wide Meeting & Christmas Celebration in Dec. 2022. All department heads have been conducting SOWing meetings weekly since the beginning of this year.

“SOWing means Strategies, Opportunities, Wins, and Items need game plan. Basically, the call is strategic, short yet impactful to sow the seeds that move the needle of the business and ministry every week,” Manzano said.

Manzano added, “We get to focus on areas that give maximum Return of Investment and that hit our declaration for this year’s BO.LD.ER.”


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