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Ripple Community: Humanizing the Workforce

“Ripple VAs shies away from a corporate economic structure. Instead, it takes on a fair and just work system that lives by Bible principles. Hence, the people who benefit the most from the community would be the VAs themselves.”

Ripple VAs Community is an online environment of proactive individuals with unique skills and talents. In this company setting, VAs constantly exchange ideas, upskilling through internal training initiatives, earning through an abundance of job openings, and growing spiritual leaders through mentorships.

The purpose of it all

Ripple Community exists to humanize the workforce in the company.

According to the Chief Community Officer, Cyd Batalon, the CEO envisioned regulating community behavior and guiding their actions to benefit all.

To prevent detachment between the management and the internal community, the Community Department seeks to reconnect these two bodies and interact in a safe space. In the future, Ripple VAs would hopefully extend connections to the external community of the company.

The steps and measures

The process in Ripple Community includes establishing an incentive structure for VAs who accomplished a desirable action for the company. An example of this is the Rewards Card, a system wherein VAs who cooperate with the processes and systems in the company accumulate points.

Also, to alleviate the tension from the VAs’ work, the department conducts recreational activities like game nights on Wednesdays and occasional contests. These recreations will also give points that are redeemable at the year's end.

As the Officer for the Community Department, Cyd keeps track of the Rewards Card, hosts game nights and company-wide events, and most importantly, bridges information between the management and the internal community.

The manifestation of productive changes

“There has been a steady and apparent awareness of the internal process each department has. Moreover, since there is an incentive structure, more VAs are enthusiastic about complying with company processes and procedures. The recreation aspect also allowed VAs to breathe from the stress induced by their work,” Cyd shared about the progress brought by kickstarting Ripple Community.

VAs have also told Cyd that they are more informed when it comes to specific processes of the company, making them more engaged and compliant. These positive changes shaped a company culture around meaningful relationships between the management and the community. Since the VAs are aware of Ripple’s processes, they also value their company's welfare alongside their individual career goals.

The pinnacle and the next move

One of Ripple Community's most significant achievements is that it has already awarded 250,000+ points so far and has released them to the VAs’ payroll. Meanwhile, Cyd shared that the department is eyeing to craft eBooks, highlighting the company's low, middle, and top management and expanding outside Ripple’s internal community.


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