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RCEP Digests: Everything You Need to Know on Social Media Writing

Social media writing is a way to promote brands efficiently and effectively. It can be the difference between being good and being the best. Thus, Social media writing has become an important marketing tool for:


  • Since people spend more time on social media, engagement is essential for clients and potential customers to build brand recognition.

Brand Awareness

  • Clients will not buy from you if they do not know you. That is why social media is a powerful tool to make a brand recognizable and reachable. Unlike blogs, companies can use social media to create testimonials, sell products, and talk about certain issues.

Market Appeal

  • Social media, especially with advertisements, will grab the attention of the client’s niche thanks to the algorithm of these social media sites. That is why social media advertisements enhance market appeal.

Easy Scalability

  • Companies can expand easily on social media since it is very cheap. It is easier to host, make giveaways, create promotions, launch campaigns, do contests, and others. Unlike websites, social media can be accessed and shared with everyone with one simple graphic.

Cheap Ads

  • It will appear to people interested in the business. Companies can see and find ideal clients and lead them where they want to be.

Key Differences between - Social Media Writing vs Blog Writing

Popular Social Media Websites and Tips to Conquer Them


  • Ideally, you need only forty characters. Keep your post short and simple because once it reaches “Read More” status, people rarely click it. You can go more than 4 lines if 40 characters allow it and attach links to your brand. The goal is to get more website traffic. Take note that Facebooks Flags CTA words like Act Now! Buy Now! Click Now!, so do not use them. Instead, use phrases like “Click here to find out more”. Lastly, Most users are people in their 40s onward.


  • It is mostly visual content. A picture should say a thousand words, so use fewer words. People are not expected to read the captions. The goal is to get engagement. Most users are people in their 20s to 40s.


  • It is business-centric, so there should be business-related content only. It is advised to follow the rules of blog writing for this one, specifically the 2-3 line rule. Have a professional yet conversational tone, and it should be straightforward. The goal is to build a network of like-minded people since most users are in their 30s to 50s.


  • It only utilizes 280 Characters, so use it all to your advantage. Be witty and fun. Wendy’s pioneered these relatability tactics. The goal is to become more relatable and go viral because most users are millennials and Gen Zs.

Unspoken Rules in Blog Writing

  • Know your audience depending on your platform and understand your purpose to engage, inspire, or share stories with them. Create a good headline or title. Your article should be short and sweet. Sentences should be concise and straight to the point. Make a good topic sentence with 2 to 3 supporting sentences. It should be formatted with 2-3 lines per paragraph since reading from a screen can be difficult. So, make your blog easy to read. You can also use transition words to connect thoughts and ideas smoothly. Avoid or limit difficult words. It should depend on the social media platform and include relevant images, especially Instagram. Lastly, use bullet points, keywords, or hashtags as much as possible. The bottom line is that you write something that your audience would want to SHARE.

How to Write Social Media Content for a Month

You first create a pillar, the overall topic, or theme for the month; you can also add weekly subtopics. The next step is to make a schedule of activities using the calendar. It can be by intervals of weeks or days. Lastly, fill up the days with various topics such as quotes, posts, memes, promos, stories, and others. These are among the many ways to consistently write social media content for a month.


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