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In Hindsight: Ripple's October MILE Webinar Series

In Hindsight: Ripple's October MILE Webinar Series

Ripple VAs is a Philippine-based virtual assistance agency that has strived to serve its partners and the community by adding eternal value to their lives and make a positive ripple effect on the lives of others.

In alignment with this noble mission, Ripple VAs is going an extra mile in adding tremendous value to the lives it touches.

Last October 2022, Ripple VAs officially launched its weekly webinar series, otherwise known as Ripple’s M.I.L.E. Program!

About the M.I.L.E. Program

To bring forth a user-friendly and interactive platform to extend valuable insights while keeping the humane touch of learning intact, Ripple set the wheels in motion in conducting its webinar series.

The series’ name M.I.L.E. is derived from the framework Ripple follows in offering free knowledge and training — Marketing, Infrastructure, Leadership, and Efficiency & Economy.

On the first week of each month, Ripple will conduct a webinar centered on marketing such as social media management, digital marketing, email marketing, and many more. The infrastructure aspect of the series takes place on the second week where the keynote speaker will talk about helpful tools that can maximize productivity and output.

Leadership topics take the spotlight on the third week of the month. Ripple then concludes the month with twice the value by organizing efficiency and economy sessions which shall talk about tips and financial hacks respectively.

The 1st October Webinar: Digital Marketing with Jayne Caranto

To kickstart the month, Ripple started its first installation of the Weekly M.I.L.E. Program on October 14, 2022 with its Chief Service Desk Officer, Jayne Caranto, taking the stage to talk about 5 Myths About Digital Marketing– and How to Dispel Them.

Her informative discussion highlighted the following points:

  • Everyone can benefit from having a digital marketing strategy, regardless of the size and type of the business.

  • Owning a website holds significant importance in digital marketing, especially for local service providers.

  • Contrary to popular notions, digital marketing and traditional marketing work hand-in-hand.

  • Content creation is a crucial part of digital marketing to maximize visibility and reach.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is alive and kicking.

The 2nd October Webinar: Infrastructure with Shana Manzano

Next on the list to talk about Intro to Infrastructure in the Business Arena is Ripple’s very own Chief Operating Officer Shana Manzano.

During her talk, Manzano highlighted that the infrastructure of modern businesses is no longer physical, it’s digital. Some benefits of leveraging infrastructure and modern tools include improved operational efficiency, enhanced data security, better customer experience, and stronger competitive advantage in the industry.

For the lucky audience of the second webinar of October, Manzano also gave a sneak-peek of the infrastructure inside Ripple VAs. These include the company’s website, payroll software, virtual workspace, communication tools, automation service provider, and other project management tools.

The 3rd October Webinar: Learning to Lead with CEO Jezrel Perez

As sought to provide next-level value, Ripple also called into the virtual stage the company’s very own Chief Executive Officer to continue the fusillade of great speakers. On the 21st of October, CEO Jezrel Perez shared her knowledge on Servant Leadership: A Way Forward in a 21st Culture War.

To harness the power of servant leadership, Perez cascaded the eight questions a leader should ask themselves in following Jesus as a servant leader:

  • The Success Question: What can I do to help people succeed?

  • The Sensitivity Question: What do people need from me daily that they may not want to ask for?

  • The Personal Development Question: Which areas can I work on that will help me serve people better?

  • The Assessment Question: How will I know that I am serving the people well?

  • On the Other Side of Me Question: What is it like for the people who work with me?

  • The Value-Added Question: How can I gain value while adding value to others by serving?

  • The Gifting Question: What do I do best that allows me to serve people better?

  • The Ripple Effect Question: How can I serve people in a way that will inspire them to serve others?

The 4th October Webinar: Financial Breakthroughs with Melvz Ayacaide

Ending the month of October on a good note is Ripple’s Chief Financial Officer Melvie Ayacaide. Sharing her insights on the 28th of October 2022, Ayacaide talked about Breaking the Barriers of Financial Breakthrough.

Looking at the tip of the iceberg, Ayacaide gave emphasis on the important lessons to remember when dealing with money:

  • The most powerful rival of God on Earth is money.

  • Money is the most influential thing on this planet.

  • Money should be seen as a resource, not revered as a master.

  • Always recognize that money is a good servant and a good resource, but never a good master.

  • Before a breakthrough happens, whatever money that has passed through our hands should have and must always be put into good use.

In a Nutshell

Despite it being a new offering of the company, Ripple’s M.I.L.E. Program is without a doubt a useful platform in expanding awareness about virtual assistance, facilitating learning among the people, and adding value to the community.

If one has a teachable heart and is prepared to make a mindset change, Ripple VAs can always help in opening opportunities through learning and growth. All this endless pursuit to add value is part of Ripple’s commitment to fulfill its God-given vision and mission.


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