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God's Perfect Timing: The Virtual Assistant Journey of Arvie Buenaflor

You probably have heard of many incredible working students trying to balance academics and work to fulfill dreams and sustain a living. It is unimaginable how these individuals fit diligence and wit into their craft.

One of those incredible working students who juggle their studies and careers is Arvie Buenaflor. He studies architecture in his fourth year and works as a part-time virtual assistant for Ripple. Like other students, Arvie enjoys reading books, listening to worship music, and learning new skills.

Before applying to Ripple, he allowed himself to adjust to the hectic schedule of Architecture student life. He persevered throughout those years and has been grateful to God for guiding him in his experience of architectural projects for the ministry. Even before applying to Ripple, he prepared himself and gained skills he could use as a virtual assistant to offer his clients. He worked as a part-time outsourcer to various friends from Ripple. He also had experience working in Sprint Bookkeeping Solutions as a graphic designer.

His motivation for becoming a Virtual Assistant stemmed from prayers and faith in God's perfect timing. He yearned for his client before summoning the courage to apply to Ripple. His desires grew with ease because he was surrounded by people who share beliefs like his. His deepest desire is to be a part of the mentorship team. And now, he is grateful because he now has clients and mentees.

His words to aspiring Virtual Assistants are these: “Let Jesus direct your steps and allow Him to be the center of your life. Appreciate where you are right now. Work on the things you want to improve and leave behind the things that hinder you from experiencing God’s best for your life. Glory to God!”

Each journey as a Virtual Assistant will undoubtedly be unique. In his experience, being a virtual assistant not only allowed him to achieve financial breakthroughs. It allowed him to see God's provision in many aspects of his life and reach greater heights of knowing and serving God.


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