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Digital Marketing amidst COVID:19: A boon for Businesses

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any online marketing efforts or resources which help introduce people to the company and influence potential customers. According to Global Statista, there's an encompassing 59% of active online users in the world as of April 2020 and 73% in the Philippines.

Now more than ever, Digital marketing will be a bonanza for business entrepreneurs, especially with the coming of the "new normal." With the sudden increase of people being indoors, it has led to a change in lifestyle where consumers have shifted to spending more time online than before.

This current situation will be an excellent opportunity for business companies to focus on digital marketing strategy and connect to different consumers.

Importance of Digital Marketing in the "New Normal"

As a result of the new normal, businesses need to develop a better plan that will encourage adaptability in the short and long-run, particularly with the respect of the Pademic's after effect. Companies are urged to quickly adjust their management strategy to any circumstances that align with the "new normal," so they can ensure business continuity.

Improve Business Continuity by:

  • Utilizing digital platforms and automated systems to boost operational efficiencies, increasing business advertisements through digital marketing.

  • Changing business models and services to fit in the "new normal." For instance, retail shops and restaurants that rely on walk-in customers may have to build new ways to connect with new customers, such as online food delivery service providers.

How can Digital marketing fuel your Business

Digital marketing is a great key to keep businesses alive during this financial breakdown. At disruptive digital marketing help, all kinds of businesses grow - from food delivery and service provider businesses. That's the beauty of advertising online. If you understand the community's social trend, you'll be able to know your target and utilize the marketing strategy that will be effective to all the consumers.

In 2020, the marketing strategy shifted to online marketing. That said, the digital landscape is always changing. There's a high chance that this Pandemic will be a boon for businesses if and only if digital marketing is utilized to its maximum effectiveness.

Here are some Digital Marketing Strategies To Fuel Business Growth:

Optimizing the use of Social Media - There's a significant increase in social media users; thus, digital marketing will be more visible. Considering these numbers of internet users, regardless of demographics, this makes sense. It’s an excellent avenue for content marketing, and it can exponentially increase your business exposure.

Initiating Live events and Webinars Online 1 - Webinars are a big hit right now, especially since most people are staying indoors. It is an active component of digital marketing today. Audiences will love live events and webinars, and they’re excellent resources for engagement. This will establish trust, authenticity, and transparency to consumers.

Reaching out to different digital Users- It is also important to note that optimizing your marketing to reach across multiple devices, especially mobile, is essential for growth. Without it, there’s just no way to keep up a digital presence with the current surge of mobile devices. 2 Creating mobile-friendly pages, content, and ads are worth an investment as they will be the ladder of your business success.

Maximizing Email Marketing - Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your target audience and boost your publicity. When done right, it’s a low cost, minimal effort strategy for delivering your message directly into the hands of targeted customers. One of the reasons that email works so well is that it’s personalized, and it requires very little investment of effort from the consumer. Most businesses are not new in establishing an email for digital marketing, so it won't be difficult for them to reach out since they're already used to it.

Advantage of Digital marketing in this Pandemic

As people are forced to stay inside and practice social distancing, they are looking for ways to stay connected to others, and social media is filling that gap. According to DateReportal, in 2019, 75% of e-commerce consumers purchase a product or service in the Philippines. With the new normal, this statistic report in 2019 will surely increase in number as most of the people on the Internet.

This paves the way for Digital marketing, an avenue for more consumers, which will be catered without being exposed to the virus. It will be an uptight advantage for businesses that has a strong background in digital platforms. If you want to make things as easy as possible for the consumers while also making sure you are positioning yourself for the highest level of success; thus, digital marketing is the way.

Digital marketing for Small Business tips

As a local or small business owner, taking advantage of digital marketing is key to success. As the online market thrives on creating an equal opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Here are some Digital Marketing

for Small Businesses :

Create Visual Content

Publication materials will attract more online users, which will surely spark their interest in your business. This will create engagement between the providers and e-shoppers. Videos can also be an eye-catcher for your ads.

Concentrate on primary social media

Social media marketing strategies are continuously changing, along with constant platform updates. Business owners will be in confusion on what social media platform will be best for their business. It is simple, focus on the social media platform most relevant to your business and where your customers are most active.

  • For example, your business's nature is service/products, focusing your coverage on platforms like Facebook and Twitter since it is more visible to them.


Artificial is gaining more eyes to the public as it eases the work of many companies in entertaining queries. In fact, by the end of 2019, adoption is expected to increase and for chatbots to become ‘the norm’ for online retailers. Chatbots will save your time from answering any queries. As a business owner, it’s never been easier to create your own bot. Facebook offers a convenient means to develop one with limited coding ability.

Overall, with the increasing numbers of people online and the uncertainties of when will our lives be back to normal. Digital marketing provides the need of both business entities and consumers. This creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs as we are on equal footing because of the Pandemic. Entrepreneurs need to equip themselves in the digital world as this would be the key to their business.


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