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Designing Possibilities: Ripple VAs initiates Graphic Design training

With the first edition of Ripple Continuing Education Program (RCEP) launched for the continuous development of our virtual assistants, Ripple VAs opened a training session on the Basics of Graphic Design last July 30, 2021.

The second Ripple Continuing Education Program session for virtual assistants was hosted by the Head of Ripple’s Content and Marketing Department, Earl Guen Padayao, and was opened with a message from then C&M Assistant Head, Gab Fontanosa.

To pave the way for learning and development in the field of graphic design, Ripple VAs sourced its expertise from within by having the company’s very own Chief Operating Officer, Shana Manzano, as the speaker.

Shana has been with Ripple VAs as part of the company’s upper management and has amassed vast experiences in the field of virtual assistance, especially in graphic design. To properly equip the trainees, Shana imparted her expertise with Canva as one of the leading tools for graphic design.

The training started with the introduction of graphic design. She emphasized the importance of graphic design and also highlighted the role of virtual assistants in realizing the effects of graphic design in the modern industry. Through this open perspective, virtual assistants can get a hold of the vision of their respective clients.

In hopes of capacitating more people who can create order from chaos and make the confusing more understandable, Shana imparted some helpful points to remember. These include the must-know design vocabulary, the different forms of typography, proper spacing and layout.

Moreover, Shana also provided a few tips to our emerging graphic artists. Her tips are geared towards reminding everyone to limit the number of fonts, elements, and colors. Some other key points include minding the margin and taking the target audience into consideration.

Finally, she gave the participants a priceless benefit for attending the training— resources. RCEP attendees received a comprehensive guide on the list of websites, shortcuts, alternative platforms, photo reservoirs, and many more.

Ultimately, all the trainees found the second session of the Ripple Continuing Education Program (RCEP) as an exhilarating and educational experience.

C&M Head Earl Guen Padayao expressed his gratitude to the trainer and the participants. With such a significant learning opportunity coming to an end, the Chief Executive Officer of Ripple VAs herself, Jezrel Perez, gave her inspirational remark to motivate virtual assistants to continue exploring the world of graphic design.

This Ripple Continuing Education Program will continue to serve as a sustainable platform for our virtual assistants— equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need to become competent individuals in this ever-evolving global marketplace.

Should you be interested in Ripple VAs, click here for more information on our virtual assistants, our services, and upcoming events.


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