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Client Feature: Roshanda "The Rosho Live" Pratt

ROSHANDA PRATT: Redefining Confidence and Visibility

“The foundation of a great story begins with the why,” this is what storyteller strategist and international speaker Roshanda Pratt believes.

Roshanda ‘The Rosho Live’ Pratt is a speaker and former television news producer of more than a decade who now equips influencers and media personalities with the tools to tap into the power of their story, amplify their voice, and monetize their story online.

Roshanda came from a generation of storytellers, animated jokesters, and life-of-the-party types. As someone with strong Trinidadian roots, she has been very close to her grandmother — a masterful storyteller who would always share tales of life in the Caribbean. Every time her grandmother would tell stories, she would act out every accent, pause at the right point, and draw you in emotionally. This is where Roshanda Pratt found her skills in public speaking and storytelling.

Often told by her father that it was her responsibility as an American citizen to be in the knows of what happens in the community, Roshanda has already eyed to be a journalist as early as fourth grade.

Later on in life, she landed her first job in a busy newsroom while still in college where she learned how to create content, write scripts, work with reporters, and understand how every person has a story to tell. She also earned a BA in Mass Communication from Winthrop University.

For a decade, she continuously covered breaking news, political scandals, hurricanes, and stories of everyday people. Afterward, she embarked on a new journey to find her voice in a new arena faring from doing marketing, public relations, crisis communications, and finally as a storyteller strategist.

Now this former journalist and self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Visibility’ teaches others the power of embracing and sharing their stories so they can be seen, heard, and paid. Her dynamic personality and expertise brought her to be featured nationally on CBS’ The Talk and the Tamron Hall Show.

She’s not just a journalist and storyteller! She’s also an author! Her Amazon #1 best-selling book CEO of LIVE VIDEO: Discover the Fundamentals of Dominating Live Video is a blueprint for thousands of people ready to show up at the next level. She also wrote Visibility is Power: Discover the Power of Being Seen and Heard which has been published in the Huffington Post.

Roshanda currently offers courses to people who want to own their visibility and be more confident in front of the camera. There are four courses under her School of Visibility that will help overcome the struggles of showing up confidently and using video in marketing. She also works closely with her virtual assistant at Ripple VAs, Jan.

Oftentimes, you will see her in strategy calls with clients and doing live videos on TikTok. If she’s not busy doing those, you can catch her playing a supportive role to her husband Jacobee and their three kids who have been a blessing to them, urging her to create beautiful stories every day.


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