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Becoming the Boss' Ideal Worker

When you hand in work deliverables on time with quality workmanship, your superior definitely will give a badge of praises and a two-thumbs-up for being the best employee. Ripple VAs is here to provide suggestions on how to be your boss' dream worker:

*Understand and Know the Objectives and Priorities of Your Supervisor

Knowing the goals of your manager is the ultimate key to being an effective and productive worker. You take notes of the crucial points your supervisor wants you to achieve at the end of each work assignment. Hence, by distinguishing your work responsibilities and your manager's work, you will be guided to render quality service to the company. It is always best to understand the management style of your superior to do it your way.

*Build Skills Needed for the Company

By equipping the appropriate work skills, you will handle whatever assignment is given to you. The company needs competent workers in completing the work task with a quality result, which will eventually provide credibility to the company. Working alone with less supervision from your manager will make his or her job more manageable.

*Show a Positive Attitude Towards Work

This is best exemplified when you are cheerful and possess a happy disposition in the workplace. Staying positive will make your tasks or routine work faster and quicker since you look forward to what you have been doing or what you will soon achieve.

*Submit Output Before a Deadline

It is more effective to submit the work assignment before the deadline so that if your manager has some corrections, you still have enough time to input those suggestions. It will further allow you to have enough time to review your work, which will show your craftsmanship and quality. It is discouraged to submit late output as this will affect your performance rating. Thus, with minimal time, you submit sloppily and hurriedly done work, which for sure is not accepted in the professional arena.

*Consider Criticism as Part of the Mentoring

When your supervisor evaluates your work and gives negative feedback, do not get quickly discouraged. Treat it as constructive criticism. Your objective is to acquire as many skills as possible, so you have to learn and be proactive. By admitting your faults and weaknesses, your maturity in the workplace also increases, which will prepare you for higher roles in the future.

*Support your Manager during Difficult Times

A good worker always stands beside his or her superior during difficult times. This means that if the manager is bombarded with a mountain load of deliverables, you will be there to assist. It is a bad idea for a worker to escape the workload when you know that it is a rainy day. The manager always complements workers who journey with him or her when work gets tougher.

*Show you are Reliable

This is one trait of a good worker that you can be trusted with small and big tasks in the office. By showing your hardworking attitude, your manager is confident and will groom you for a higher position. If a promotion is available, for sure, you are the first person to be endorsed.

*Keep Communication Lines Open

If you find difficulty in one aspect of the project you are working, tell this to your manager and provide an alternative solution. By being open to your manager, you establish a bond of a professional relationship and work ethics. It then becomes easy to approach your manager to give solutions to problems or suggestions you like to contribute.

Achieving all these, you become the employee of the month. You may receive a medal of distinction for all the hard work and efforts you have shown to your manager and the company.

Therefore, you become the company's role model and, at the same time, your boss' ideal worker.


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