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'What I Love About Ripple' from different VAs

In Ripple VAs, we recognize employees as one of our main assets in achieving our objectives. Ripple virtual assistants show their never-ending commitment and support to the company’s mission and vision. Most VAs mentioned that the company is a community that treats employees as family. Here are the responses from Riple Virtual Assistants.

1. Claire Quiapo

1. Being Christ-centered. Its values, mission, and vision all boil down to giving glory to God.

2. Giving value to its people. All of us want to be affirmed and feel valued. Ripple is successful in this area. Everyone celebrates someone's win, no matter how big or small.

3. Being resourceful. When I became part of Ripple, I was amazed at how it can utilize the available tools online to deliver the best output to its clients.

4. Everyone is helping everyone. There is always an available venue to ask for help, and people are eager to help.

5. The management. Since the company is Christ-centered, as part of the VAs, we feel confident in reaching out to the top management. They are very casual with everyone and do not think of someone's position. They are very welcoming. We can even send them direct messages!

6. Free training. Everyone has the chance to join and participate in the free training offered by the company through webinars. They are very helpful, especially to the VAs new to the virtual assistance world.

7. Company's generosity. They have a rewards system and give out random prizes. God blesses Ripple so much because they live in principle "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

2. Jovilyn Augis What I love about Ripple are its working environment and colleagues. The people in Ripple will make you feel welcome and help you accomplish your tasks with clients, whether it be the tools, techniques, or tips. Not to mention the number of mentors, Taskforce, and leaders that will guide you when you don't know how to do things and push you to go out of your comfort zone to grow your skills and spirituality. Indeed I have found a new family and home in Ripple.

With Ripple VAs, they will help you to be compassionate with other VAs; you are surrounded by leaders who'll guide you to be like them, and lastly is that you are blessed to have Ripple because you're well-guided working as a freelancer, not just with our work but also in our spiritual aspect which is I believe missing to other VA Companies.

3. Emeljune Corpuz

What I love about Ripple VAs is that they bring you closer to God. A community that will not only help you to grow financially but spiritually as well. In Ripple VAs, I learned not to work only for money but work for God's purpose, and then eventually, money will follow. Ripple VAs is not only an agency to me but my second family.

4. Rexy Mercado Angga

1 Thessalonians 5:11 - "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."

What I truly enjoy about Ripple is how it encourages each VA to reach its full potential. There is no sense of competition among Ripple VAs as to who is the best at the end of the day. Each VA has benefited from Ripple's assistance in using their talents and abilities to the maximum, and they never leave you behind; they remain by your side at every stage of the journey. To help us grow, they have always been there.

5. Ana Mirambel

What I love about Ripple is that it is REVOLUTIONARY; it is continuously improving for its clients and VAs. It also has a tangible IMPACT on the community by sponsoring scholars to help them achieve their dreams. The PEOPLE inside are accommodating and always ready to assist you. The POLICIES are reasonable and VA-centric, ensuring that every VA has a client and every VA is ready for its growth. There are always LESSONS and opportunities to learn, aside from the helpdesk and in the mentorship sessions, where you will grow spiritually. Last is the ENVIRONMENT; the work environment is not suffocating and is newbie-friendly.

6. Alexandra Marie Beniga

1. It's a company that pushes you to grow Spiritually and Professionally.

2. It's a company that embraces culture-shifting and doesn't allow the world to dictate how a company should be run.

7. Patricia Louisse

What I Love About Ripple is having a community that cares for you, not just an employee but also as a friend and family whenever there's an issue with your task or personal thing. Also, be free to choose what job and tasks you want to pursue! Thank you, Ripple team!

8. Rocel Romeo

What I love about Ripple is that Christ is the center of this company. The company is gearing toward success and has a vision that fulfills the purpose of making disciples. I also love Ripple because they value their people and clients by ensuring things work. Ripple is a company that pushes me to experience breakthroughs not only in my career but also in my relationship with Christ.

9. Tirzah Manzano

What I Love About Ripple is threefold. One, Ripple has provided a pleasant and cohesive environment for financial growth. Two, it cultures people from different backgrounds to collaborate and build each other up. Third and most importantly, we are encouraged to work for their financial growth and achieve spiritual and leadership breakthroughs.


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