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[VA Feature] Jabes James Quibido: Freedom and Flexibility as a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a career that needs a lot of talent, hard work, abilities, and dedication. Being a virtual assistant also means having a flexible work schedule and time independence. Learn more about Jabes, one of Ripple VA's top performers, as we share his transformative journey working as a virtual assistant.

Jabes James Quibido is a 23-year-old public school teacher who is also a law student at the University of San Jose-Recoletos. He is the breadwinner of his family and is working hard to provide for his needs and his family’s needs such as tuition, bills, and other expenses. With this, as he was introduced to virtual assistance, he decided to shoot his shot and applied in Ripple VAs last June 2022. This was one of the decisions that he did not regret as this has led him to a better position in his life today.

The journey of Jabes in working at Ripple VAs has been a roller coaster ride. There are times when he feels so happy especially when he successfully grabs a client and performs well on their given tasks. However, there are also times when he feels down if he can’t meet the client’s standards and needs. In every type of job, there will be always up and downs but Jabes always has this healthy mindset of improving his skills and making himself better.

As a virtual assistant of Ripple VAs, Jabes loves how free and flexible his work hours are. Given that he is a law student and is also working more than 8 hours a day as a public school teacher, he still has the time to do his work as a virtual assistant and that is one of the things he loves about being a VA. And because of this, he was able to help and support his family and his professional goals. With his freedom and flexibility, Jabes also gives time for himself to travel, unwind, and relax.

Being a VA in Ripple gave Jabes the avenue to continue learning and improving his skills. Moreover, Ripple’s training, webinars, and workshops have helped him develop his skills and give quality service to his clients. It helped him in providing quality outputs to his client and also helped him learn new tools and systems that made his work as a VA easier.

If Jabes were to describe his VA journey, he describes it as “Life-changing”. His journey has really helped him not only financially but also spiritually and emotionally. Throughout his journey, he learned how to be proactive at all times and not give up on his goals. Furthermore, he has improved a lot and has learned so many things and life lessons. As a VA, he believes that everyone has a chance on being a virtual assistant as long as they try and be intentional in everything they do. As Jabes continues this life-changing journey, he strives to improve every day with the ultimate objective of achieving financial independence, providing for his family, and assisting his clients in growing their businesses.


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