VA FEATURE: Devyn Genel Marie Cabataña-Collera

Devyn: A sprinkle of Love is all that matters

Let's meet one of the best virtual assistants in Ripple and learn from her inspiring story. The uniqueness and drive of passion she has verily set her apart in the VA industry.

Devyn Genel Marie Cabataña-Collera, 27 years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management Accounting shapes her work ethics through 1 Corinthians 16:14, Let all that you do be done in love. Since she was a newbie to the freelancing industry, she started learning the process and the necessary tools to become an efficient and effective VA. She learned every stage of becoming an excellent VA through experience and putting love in her job. This scripture empowers her to do an exceptional job serving her clients.

Moreover, Devyn is not only a winner in the freelancing world but also in the name of love. She is now happily married, living in Minnesota, USA. Being in a foreign country was difficult for her. However, she conquered the battle of homesickness by focusing her attention on work. Being in a foreign country gives her the utmost advantage because her clients are much easier to contact since they're in the same place.

Devyn started her Ripple journey when she moved to the US and decided to venture into the freelancing industry. Luckily, Devyn and Jez, CEO of Ripple VAs, are grade school classmates, so she reached out to Jez last June to inquire about becoming a VA. And then, everything happened so fast. She enrolled in the Ripple Success Academy (Filipino VA Success Acadamy), and in just three days, Jez informed her that she’d be having an interview with a prospective client. It became the turning point in Devyn’s career, and that’s how she became a part of the Ripple family.

The Ripple company molded her to be a remarkable Virtual Assistant, but most of all, it taught her to love every minute of the work she had, offering it to God. According to her,

“What I like most about Ripple is the ‘Be Human’ culture. Though we move in a fast pace industry, everyone loves sharing, helping, and lifting others. It is very heart-warming because Ripple creates a positive culture of leadership and mentoring. We feel valued in all aspects of our lives, including both our professional and personal aspirations.”

It is no secret why clients keep finding Devyn. The integrity and faith attached to her working outputs are the reason why clients keep coming back to her. These are the two values in work and life that she lives by. Her faith in God is what makes her keep going because it gives her the wisdom, courage, and strength she needs to finish the job. In fact, she includes clients and their businesses in her prayers.

“My family and my husband — they are my source of strength and, of course, my passion for learning something new and for experiencing success and breakthroughs.”

With all the struggles that Devyn faced in her career, her faith in God and the Ripple family’s undying support are the reason she got back on her feet and continued fighting. Her message to all aspiring VAs,

“Keep going. You are getting there! The truth is, our industry is never easy. It never will be. You just need to breathe, pray, meditate, and hustle back again.”

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