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The Importance of Creating Sacred Workspace: When Comfort and Career meet

Everyone has a comfort zone—a place of familiarity and a sense of belonging. When we’re looking for a career opportunity, comfort is one of our utmost priorities, aside from compensation and benefits. A job that offers convenience and comfort in the workplace is an eye-catching moment for any of us.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, strict protocols were implemented to avoid the increasing number of positive cases. With this, people were forced to stay inside their homes. The job opportunities offered by companies also shifted from the online setup. Some of the workforces faced life-or-death situations with health risks and quarantine protocols. Soon, it didn’t take long before workers lost their jobs unwillingly and had to look for an alternative career path to sustain themselves and their families.

Working remotely might be a desirable professional choice during the pandemic. While it reduces expenses and gives more work flexibility, it increases isolation and a disproportionate work-life balance. Creating a distinct separation between career and personal life may be a challenge with the distraction and workplace disconnect.

To avoid overworking and house distractions, it may be helpful to clearly define one’s schedule and allocate exact times for career tasks and personal tasks. For Ripple, they believe it is best to create a sacred workspace.

A sacred workspace is any place that can boost higher productivity and keeps one grounded in their intentions and duties. It's essential to have a designated workstation that one can leave when the workday is over. These workplaces are unique and tailored to each person, so different people have different preferences.

Curating a workstation means knowing oneself more. No one else will inhabit the work area, so ensure that its vibe aligns with one’s needs, preferences, and personality. Know the intention behind the workspace and set its how, when, and where. How do I want to utilize this space? When and what time of the day am I using my space? Where is the best spot for a conducive working environment?

Creating a sacred workspace is beneficial in many aspects. Priorities are organized to achieve a certain goal without having to feel dreadful, cramped, or unfulfilled. When one has a designated space to work in, it means that they are giving value to their work. This way, doing the job exudes more meaningful outcomes. Furthermore, in being able to show up in the sacred space, one can also show up to their responsibilities in a sound and intentional manner—disciplining themselves along the way. When this happens, work will be healthy for the self, the well-being, and the people collaborated with. This leads to a more productive shift, a happier client, and a fulfilling career.

The sacred workspace is there for a reason. It is an exclusive spot that can keep one focused on their task. It is only right that they use it with all its functions so that they will not waste your effort on making it your spot. They will also discover that the workspace will be a haven amidst the workloads. Make sure it is clean to avoid further distractions.

While working from home can sound attractive and come with many advantages, there are also disadvantages to assume when choosing a work-from-home career. The line between comfort and career will get jaded. Workspace is critical and yet it is often neglected. It accommodates the tools needed to facilitate job performance along with the conditions to meet personal needs. With a little attention, one can transform their workspace into a sacred space … a place that feels like they have a “home away from home” even if both reside under the same roof.


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