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To know yourself more is to know your client more

This is it—the big moment that you've been waiting for! You've perfected your answer to the statement, "Tell me about yourself." Your achievements and outputs are organized to make yourself look good after practicing your speech in the mirror for hours. You have also flexed your strength to make you stand out among the other candidates. Everything is set to be perfect, you thought.

You don't automatically notice your mistakes when you're in a virtual interview and in the zone with your client. It'll take time for reality to hit you, that you have actually committed some mistakes. Breathe in and breathe out! Mistakes are part of learning. Experience is making mistakes and learning from them.

So, to have a headstart, it would be best for you to identify your best points that attract clients. What makes you unique and different from other VAs is your strength. Offer the clients what you do best; your outputs are their turning point. Once you exceed the expectations, they will start trusting you. This means that they see you as a capable virtual assistant who provides value to them.

Clients want to know more about you and your background. These past experiences give you identity and value. At the same time, let your client feel important as well. It should not just be a job to you but also a learning and fun journey. Research them up beforehand and study their work, preferences, and lifestyle. Connecting with them by sharing the same knowledge can spark the chemistry between you and the client. It even relaxes the nerves, letting you feel more natural and authentic.

Open yourself up to diversities and challenges. Listen to what they say to you, be it suggestions, ideas, or stories. They may sometimes sound new, and you may disagree with them. However, it's best to see these odd views as opportunities. Possibilities for growth and improvement are not just for your craft but for yourself.

Good communication is more than just speaking. It's also about connecting and understanding each other. It is the base of a wonderful relationship and will benefit the long run. It may be hard to notice non-verbal cues in a virtual set-up, but interacting online can be just as fun as face-to-face communication.

Successful Virtual Assistants and their clients create a dream team when their bond is strong and their understanding is deep. All of your achievements may be organized but it’s what they feel towards you that truly matters. A good partnership will not let the lack of face-to-face interaction uncomfortable. In fact if you were your client’s reflection, they would surely like what they see.

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