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[SUCCESS STORY] Tirzah Manzano: The Mindset Shift that Propelled One Senior High Schooler to the Top

Tirzah Joy Manzano is a Marketing VA, Specialist VA, and an Internal Marketing Assistant Head of Ripple VAs.

Walk of life before Ripple

  • Before applying to Ripple, Tirzah was a simple senior high school student who aimed to graduate and work in a corporate company someday. She got contented with the thought of working a 9-5 job with an employee mindset and attitude. She also has many limiting beliefs that hinder her from doing more.

  • When Ripple VAs CEO Jezrel Perez reached out and believed in the skills and abilities she could offer to the company, she pushed herself to apply and be part of Ripple. Knowing that someone believed in her potential was enough for her to move forward and try new things, although it meant being uncomfortable initially and going out of her comfort.

Upon joining Ripple

  • After she got accepted to Ripple, Tirzah was amazed at how God opened so many opportunities in front of her just because she took one step. Despite being shy and having little know-how about the freelancing/VA world, she landed her first client and became part of the Content and Marketing Department as the Assistant Head

Today's stint in Ripple

  • In almost three years as a VA, Tirzah experienced being happy, discouraged, motivated, joyful, thankful, sad, and mixed feelings. Although not all experiences were good, she has been grateful because she could thrive, grow, and experience breakthroughs in her VA career and relationship with Christ.

  • Ripple's culture encouraged Tirzah to succeed because that was how God made people. Tirzah said God has also blessed her career to be fertile and productive as she uses her achievements to honor God. She did more because she knew she could.

  • Tirzah claimed she kept the Word of God in her mind so she could achieve more. Ripple's senior VAs' stories and suggestions inspired her to succeed. With the assistance of her friends and family, she could slowly overcome her restricting beliefs. She followed YouTube lessons and webinars to improve as a VA.

  • Tirzah also felt so free, saying she can now enjoy the work she has right now, thrive, and experience breakthroughs in her life. She had this long-term goal to be a proficient video editor and experience spiritual and financial breakthroughs, which she had already achieved.


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