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[SUCCESS STORY] Follow Your Passion and Success Will Follow: How Patricia Garcia Found Her Purpose

There is a humiliating first attempt, a blunder, a setback, or a sudden change of course behind every success story. Patricia Louisse Garcia, Ripple VAs-Dipolog’s Satellite Managing Director (SMD), finds these fumbling early steps to her reputation fascinating. Her stint at Ripple has made her realize that it takes one person to change other people's life course.

‘Excellence is the real success’

As one of the SMDs, Patricia said it must be her significant success in her Ripple journey. But being excellent in every little thing she does is real success. If she did something with excellence, it would be a success. She said her success habit is excellence itself. Giving her all in anything she does is one habit she cannot get out of her system.

“Believing that you can achieve something no matter how impossible it may seem to you because you serve a God who makes the impossible possible,” Patricia said. She added, “You would not be able to achieve it [success] without God's help.”

Patricia also found success in praying

For Patricia, prayer is a way of acknowledging God to take over one’s plans and desires. She noted that it would give true success because it was a God-given success.

Moreover, Patricia understood that true success is when someone is not focusing on their success but on how they will bring other people around them to succeed together. She said that to be used as God's instrument to get people to the Kingdom of Light is not an easy task, but God will be the one to carry a person through. And when God stretches them to do something they think they are incapable of doing, “Believe me, you are more than capable of anything if you have God in your life!” she proclaimed.

Success is spiritual maturity

Right now, Patricia has become more spiritually mature. She no longer allowed earthly things and mindset to take over her life. She has also been investing in something that money cannot buy. She has been more dedicated to doing things that will glorify the Maker. She no longer wanted to live without purpose; she found her goal through God.

On living the life she loves

Patricia said she is the only educator in their family of lawyers and doctors; she has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education. Besides being a full-time VA and SMD, she is the head mentor of Ripple VAs-Dipolog and a Ripple Guide for training new VAs. While working at Ripple, she qualified to teach part-time at a university and took both jobs since her family had high expectations for her.

Fated to take sundry spinning plates, ironically, Patricia believed that the “hustle culture” is such a tiresome cycle, and it breaks people. “When something breaks you, you know something is wrong with your actions. I advise you to focus on seeking God's Kingdom first. You will never run after blessings; blessings run after you,” she said.

How Ripple turned an inspiration

Patricia said Ripple’s top management inspires her to succeed because they are the culture shifters she aspires to be. She declared that they have been instrumental to the life of every VA, and she would not have desired to win souls for Christ if she had not met them. She said they have different endeavors in life aside from running Ripple.

“Ripple VAs is not an ordinary company. We aim to win souls for Christ and allow every VA to know who God is. From the words of our CEO, we are "culture shifters," and we refuse to be bound by what they say must be done. Ripple VAs does not follow how the world dictates they run a business. We only have one Master, and we commit our complete obedience to Him, and that is God,” Patricia proudly said.

At 23, Patricia loves listening to music, photographing, and doing art. She also enjoys watching Korean dramas or movies. Even if she is a Ripple VA, she still would love to explore the food industry. Cooking is one of her passion.


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