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Ripple’s Mentorship Program: April Moñer’s Encounter of Faith

Creating positive ripple effects among the company's clients, community, and ministry has always been Ripple VAs' steadfast goal.

In Ripple's mentorships, this same principle is shared by all of the company's employees, demonstrating the value of a faith-driven company.

These mentorships ensure that employees aren’t only professionally polished in their skills but also spiritually strong in their faith. This, in turn, helps them develop their characters better as effective virtual assistants.

April Moñer, a mentor from the company's Batangas satellite, shared her story with us.

“It all began when I participated in the retreat in Batangas last December,” she recalled.

Moñer, at that time, had just graduated from Ripple Success Academy (RSA). So, she was ecstatic to meet the management.

She claimed that it was a blessing for her to be a part of the three-day retreat because that was when CEO Jez asked who wanted to be a mentor. She raised her hands and volunteered right off the bat.

Being a mentor, according to Moñer, was a privilege and a challenge. It made it easier for her to let go of things she couldn't control and move forward. It reminded her to be grateful.

She also stated that Ripple had immensely helped her development in the past few months, not only in her ability to be creative with various VA tasks but also in her willingness to step outside of her comfort zone and take risks.

"A ripple mentoring relationship is truly rewarding, meaningful, and fun. It helps us grow spiritually and professionally. We also meet VAs and mentees from around the world," she remarked.

Despite this, she acknowledged that she had a lot to learn. She said her experience as a mentor stemmed from living out her faith and doing what the Lord God has called her to do.

Moñer saw the mentorship as an open door for her to be spiritually nurtured. “I am led through the door of faith, and I believe in Him.”

By infusing the company with cultures of both professionalism and spirituality, Ripple VAs can produce virtual assistants who have top-notch skills, pleasing personalities, and disciplined minds that are befitting for a progressive and ministry-driven company.


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