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Content Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters in 2022

Are you regularly creating and publishing content but not getting your desired results?

Then, perhaps, you need content intelligence.

Content intelligence refers to a technique that combines software and artificial intelligence to enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of their content and increase its impact by analyzing texts and generating analytical insights to help create a better content strategy.

What is Content Intelligence?

Due to the increasing focus of companies on digital transformation and customer demands this 2021, interaction on the internet between companies and users has been increasing. As a result, content marketing has become the primary way for companies to reach prospects and customers.

Although determining accurate estimates is hard, it has been said that many things happen within one internet minute -- millions of text messages and emails are sent, hundreds of thousands of content are created and consumed worldwide.

Because of this, producing content for the sake of publishing is no longer enough. While content creation remains imperative, it has also become necessary for companies to understand the impact of your content, analyze how your audience responds, and predict what the audience wants to see next. You can do this through content intelligence.

Why does Content Intelligence matter?

Content intelligence platforms allow companies and content marketers to understand their content by collecting data, analyzing data, and providing real-time insights on the content’s performance.

As prepared by Ripple VAs, here are three (3) of the benefits provided by content intelligence software platforms:

  • Real-time Metrics and Reporting. Content intelligence provides marketers with helpful data, including impact, reach, engagement, and others. This data enables marketers to craft better content strategies and make better decisions when doing content marketing.

  • Topnotch Analysis of Content. One of the primary objectives of content intelligence platforms is to analyze pieces of content through natural language processing and machine learning. Through these technologies, characteristics like style, tone-of-voice, and patterns are easily improved, making it easier to generate more relevant and personalized content for your audience.

  • Efficient Management of Content. When utilizing content intelligence platforms, companies need to integrate these platforms into their content management systems. Although some systems do not require integration, other systems need to be integrated to achieve optimal performance in processing large amounts of data.

Why Invest in Content Intelligence this 2022?

Unlocking the potential and harnessing the power of content intelligence is bound to provide you countless benefits and unimaginable returns. However, in this digitally competitive world, companies need to be more strategic and intentional regarding their content.

Going beyond content publishing through content intelligence will allow you to enjoy a visible increase in website traffic because your content becomes more relevant to searches and more personalized for the needs of your audience. In addition, the content creation process also becomes speedier as guesswork is already eliminated through content intelligence.

Furthermore, your content strategy becomes more effective. You can get to know more about your audience through content intelligence, generate a consistent brand voice, and rise to the top.


Many companies have committed themselves to generating and publishing content regularly. However, quantity and impact of content are often not correlated since, in the sea of millions of content, only the quality and most relevant content stays atop.

Content intelligence reliably serves as a multiplier for all your marketing efforts. So when you invest in content intelligence, you are also leveraging the correct data and the right technologies to create outstanding and unique content for your audience.


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