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Client Feature: Soulshine Creative Launch Agency

SoulShine Creative Launch Agency is the one-stop-shop for Soul-led coaches who want their launches to feel magical and stress-free! Their expert team helps businesses scale and create a customized Money Making Machine so they make money in their sleep. As well as Launch Strategies and Funnel Building, Audrey and her team offer a wide variety of services such as Branding, VIP Days, Social Media Launch Strategy, Copywriting, Summit and Challenge Funnels, Graphics, and much more.

Whether you are launching a group program, a membership program, or an online course, they can collaborate with you on marketing and technical strategies and implement the technical parts, so you don't have to. The experts at SoulShine can assist you in developing your vision and bringing it to life using their expertise in funnel building & web design. Your brand can be revamped for greater authenticity and a cohesive look on both social media and your funnels, regardless of whether you need a complete overhaul or just a refresh. They can help you expand your list size by creating a lead magnet funnel and hosting a virtual summit or live event.

Audrey Rose, the Creative Launch and Funnel Specialist, has over 12 years of experience. Initially, she attempted to do everything on her own. Eventually, she felt overwhelmed, bogged down, and exhausted. The Ripple Virtual Assistant helped Audrey scale her business, gain more clients, and earn more income. Her experience with Ripple VAs has been enjoyable due to their kindness, politeness, patience, and eagerness to learn. Since the VAs have a vast knowledge of different platforms, they embody professionalism in all company endeavors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, SoulShine Creative Launch Agency has given the seal of approval to Ripple VAs.


What Type of Virtual Assistant Is Right For You?

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